Here are methods of choosing sarees depending on your body type -

If you are tall then we are sure you would not want to be looked like a pillar. In this case you ought to choose such Indian saree buy JUGNIJI which outlook you tall height. Indian designer saree with large prints are also perfect to make you look like shorter than you are. Cotton Saree, Pure Silk Saree and Raw Silk Saree are also perfect. Indian sarees with heavy borders are trendy these days. Slim and tall ladies have more option to choose from Indian sarees by JUGNIJI.COM. Visit to see more new designs of Indian sarees.

Designer Sarees

While choosing Indian designer saree for a short lady one thing ought to be bear in your mind; and that is, you ought to choose an Indian saree which makes an apparition of length. An Indian saree with short bordersm, vertical prints and light colors will be an ideal choice for you. There are so many Indian designer sarees at JUGNIJI.COM with light colors, vertical designs and with no or short borders which will make you look like tall lady. Chiffon, Shimmer, Georgette, and Silk Indian Sarees are perfect for short ladies.

Designer Sarees

All kind of light weight Indian sarees such as Chiffon sarees, Georgette sarees, Crepe sarees are perfect suitable for overweight ladies. Always try to choose good prints and dark colors as they will provide you beautiful and slim look. Be firm the Indian saree has a border, as Indian saree without border will give you bulky and fleshy look.

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